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Live Chat Experiences Really Work


No doubt, live chat services has many benefits not only to the customer, but to a business also. There are many conveniences involved with providing a live chat service:

  • Live chat services is cheap. It costs companies $5-30 for each inbound phone call to a customer service rep. These costs are fully 10 times higher than the cost-per-conversation of live chat.
  • Live chat has 73% customer satisfaction rate– the highest of all customer service channels, as compared to 61% for email support and only 44% for phone support.

These two stats alone are enough reason to consider re-channeling a larger portion of your customer service traffic to live chat. For live chat services to be a success among your clients, it is important to create a memorable live chat experience because this will make the customer want to come back and use this service option again.

Use these six steps to be remembered by your customer:

  1. Be personal
  2. Be human
  3. Have fun
  4. Stay on topic
  5. Make it convenient
  6. Make it useful

Create a More Memorable Customer Experience in Live Chat

While you can personalize your customer live chat experience with a few tweaks, nothing will make the customer remember the interaction more than simply receiving superb service, and getting their problem solved quickly and efficiently.